Olivia's Artist


Olivia was named after the Olive Tree, symbolizing peace. As an artist, teacher and journalist she hopes to inspire others to experience PEACE, LOVE, CREATIVITY and ART.

Olivia received her BA in Communications with a Studio Art Minor and her MA in Education
She holds a NYS Certification in Art Education and a NYS Certification in Childhood Education

She has taught private Art and Meditation Classes in Long Island, and throughout the Hudson Valley

Olivia brings her love of meditation, nature, art and creativity into her classes creating a nurturing environment, where students get equal time to learn technical skills, explore individual creativity and gain valuable lessons in self expression and confidence.

Art Classes tap into a place in our brain where we are able to process on a deeper level, it is therapeutic to be able to express one's self through a medium such as paint. It enables children to slow down and naturally become observant and appreciative of life around them, as they learn how to capture it in an image.  


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